Overcoming Fear in Addiction and Recovery

Entering a residential addiction treatment program offers a respite from the triggering places, people, or situations that have previously fueled the addictive behaviors. Rehab is a structured, supportive living environment where sobriety is protected. The outside stressors are not present, offering an opportunity to focus entirely on overcoming the addiction and becoming healthy. It is normal to fear sobriety or feel the fear of not being able to live a normal life. While these fears may seem insurmountable, it is important to remember that they are only temporary. There is often initial fear in addiction recovery.

  • Getting sober also means that you have to admit that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, which can be scary for some people to do on its own.
  • Yet, at the same time, it may feel better just to give in and use because that’s what they expect from you.
  • Fear is a natural emotion in all of us, and we feel fear so that we can protect ourselves from danger.

By exploring healthy living during rehab, you will find it much easier to carry on with these positive habits in your regular life. Addiction still involves a high degree of stigma. You probably feel ashamed about your struggles with addiction. One of your fears in recovery may also relate to thoughts about being judged when you enter a residential treatment facility. This is especially true if you’ve been able to hide your addiction up until now. You might even think that addiction rehab is all about shaming addicts with their addiction and trying to force them to quit.

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You may no longer be in some people’s lives because of your actions. However, another fear is the worry of not belonging anywhere. You may feel as though you don’t belong in a place of employment because you screwed up so badly.

Those who are overly pessimistic and say, “I’m going to be miserable forever,” will inevitably fail. You make it up https://ecosoberhouse.com/ to everyone you ever hurt by never being that person again. You’re going to be a little weird and wobbly at first.

Fear of Facing Everything

Accepting that change is inevitable and trying to view it as transformative and exciting can help you become more comfortable with change. This way, it is clear that even if you do not succeed at first, giving sobriety a try is the best thing to do. You can also get help from an addiction treatment center like- Serenity Falls, to improve your chances of getting and staying sober for a long time.

Overcoming the Fear of Always Being Sober

Here is our approach to building that foundation of recovery. During my time in active addiction, stress was always a solid excuse for me to get wasted. I never truly knew how to cope with emotions in general, especially stressful emotions. The insanity behind this behavior fear of being sober was that I drank to avoid stress, and the more I drank the more stressful life became. I can’t say that stress goes away once you get sober. The truth is, life happens on life’s terms, and when I got sober, I acquired the tools to deal with stress as it cropped up.

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