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Kentucky Recovery Housing Network Cabinet for Health and Family Services

To make sure people don’t end up back on the street after a relapse, counties would have to keep spaces in low-barrier housing free, in case someone needs to move out of sober housing, Haney said. Housing first became law of the land in California in 2016 when the state required all state-funded programs to adopt the model. San Francisco voters this year passed an initiative mandating drug screenings for welfare recipients. In San Diego County, Vista Mayor John Franklin recently introduced a measure pledging not to support “any program that enables continued drug use” and criticizing housing first for precluding sober housing. As state law prohibits spending housing funding on sobriety-focused programs, many are funded by private donations.

Sober Living House Rules

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) extends its protections to individuals residing in sober living homes, recognizing addiction as a disability. This recognition is critical in preventing discrimination and ensuring equal housing opportunities for those in recovery. The ADA’s definition of disability includes individuals with addiction to alcohol and those recovering from opioid and substance use disorders, provided they are not currently engaging in illegal drug use.

Individuals Transitioning from Incarceration

As a result, any state or local regulations or restrictions for recovery housing are subject to challenge under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Furthermore, integrating sober living homes into broader community-based recovery initiatives could facilitate better access to services and support. This may involve creating grant programs, like those announced by SAMHSA, to provide financial assistance for sober living homes that meet high standards of care. Lastly, fostering collaboration between sober living homes and local governments can address concerns such as neighborhood disruption while promoting a recovery-friendly environment.

sober living homes regulations

Why Is Licensing Important?

  • Thirty days of inpatient treatment at the nonprofit center Valley Hope of Chandler costs $15,500 – more than $500 per day.
  • Claim your free trial today and see why more sober living homes prefer the Sober Living App.
  • Residents are expected to attend house meetings, which provide an opportunity for open communication, support, and addressing any concerns or issues within the home.
  • Arizona doesn’t track the number of sober living homes in the state, but some estimates reach as high as 10,000, according to a story by KPHO in Phoenix.

It is unacceptable to cut corners, and finding a sober living home with all of the required permits is often a sure sign that the company is running a good program that will help your loved one achieve a sober lifestyle. Residents may be required to continue participating in outpatient treatment, counseling, or support group meetings as part of their recovery plan. Claim your free trial today and see why more sober living homes prefer the Sober Living App.

sober living homes regulations

California’s ‘housing first’ homelessness policy

Sober living homes play a critical role in the continuum of care for individuals recovering from substance use disorders. However, the effectiveness and safety of these facilities can be significantly improved through targeted legislative reforms. For instance, recent bills have aimed to refine licensing and oversight, suggesting increased civil penalties for violations and clearer definitions within state laws. These efforts underscore the bipartisan recognition of the need for robust regulatory frameworks. The issue of oversight in sober living homes is a critical concern that impacts the safety and well-being of residents. There is a significant lack of regulation in various states, which can lead to the exploitation of those seeking recovery.

  • I also understand that no one can sign the board for me and I cannot sign the board for anyone else.
  • Even when somebody does find a treatment center, they might not be able to get in right away.
  • Sober living homes provide a stable and substance-free residence, eliminating potential triggers and providing the necessary structure for individuals to focus on their recovery.
  • A drug rehab or recovery center’s counsellors should always be contacted before enrolling.

I understand that JH staff reserves the right to enforce consequences for infractions of any of the rules set here in. I will go to JH staff if I have any grievances or complaints about my roommates or other residents and a meeting will be called between the parties if necessary. If one party agrees, and the other doesn’t, there will be a meeting of JH staff and the majority vote will decide. This may result in a resident being Top 5 Advantages of Staying in a Sober Living House moved to another unit or being terminated, depending upon the issue(s). I understand that I will be responsible for my prescribed medications as indicated and will not over/under medicate or give/sell my medications of any kind to other residents or be subject to immediate termination. Therefore, JH reserves the right to terminate a resident if found to be displaying abhorrent/anti-social behaviors, on OR off the property.

This means that local regulations must be carefully crafted to avoid discrimination against sober living homes, which are considered a form of disability housing. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Recovery Housing Program further underscores the need for such homes to be integrated into communities without undue restriction while ensuring they operate within the bounds of the law. Similarly, California is considering legislation that would empower cities with the authority to regulate sober living homes more closely, responding to local concerns about the impact of such homes on neighborhoods. This move indicates a trend toward greater local control over sober living environments. In contrast, Arizona’s SB1361 seeks to enhance licensing, oversight, and penalties for violations, with proposed fines increasing from $500 to $1,000 and defining ‘sober living home’ in state law. This bill reflects bipartisan efforts to balance support for recovery and community safety.

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